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At Gear Precision Models, we specialize in the construction of Scale Models for Display, as well as the crafting of fine Pewter Models and Wood Cutaway models of ships and aircraft.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and service to our customers!

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Cast Pewter Models

Cast Pewter Models offer the ability to create great looking and accurate representations of ships, aircraft, buildings or whatever may be desired. Only the imagination is the limit. We complete the entire production process in-house utilizing our abilities of design, model creation, mold-making and metal casting. The spin-casting process allows us to create these outstanding pewter collector’s pieces in rapid time.

Cutaway Models

We offer here highly detailed cutaway models of both ships and aircraft. These models make great Hail and Farewell Gifts, Retirement Gifts or just terrific gifts! Each model comes ready to hang and fully framed in quality hardwood. They look great on any wall displaying the looks of both strength and elegance. Each model is individually serialized and makes for a wonderful collector’s item!


Now Available!

USS TEXAS (BB 35) Cutaway Model



Coming Soon!

Ohio Class Submarine (SSBN 726) Cutaway Model

Spruance Class Destroyer (DD 963) Cutaway Model

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